The course of transplantation

After a personal consultation with an expert, the preoperative examination and the implementation of further necessary tasks prior to the surgery itself, came the "D-Day". The entire procedure is performed in a very light, local anesthesia. The patient doesn´t feel any pain except for a few moments of the application of anesthesia. Please, read what comes then in the following description of three basic stages of the GHO-FM method.


Three stages of the re-newal of hair by GHO-FM method

Extracting grafts from the donor area
First stage

Individual grafts are extracted one by one with a specially developed needle with a diameter of 0.60 to 0.65 mm from the donor area in the neck. This stage of treatment is usually the longest, lasting from one to three hours depending on the number of grafts. We try to extract only the highest quality grafts to be sure that their chances to survive and take root in the new site are as high as possible. Grafts are stored in a nutrient solution in which they remain until their implementation to recipient area.
More information on the first stage

Preparing openings (holes) for the grafts
Second stage

Miniature openings (holes) for the grafts are prepared. The duration of the preparation depends on the number of grafts and usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. Implantation openings are of the same diameter as the grafting needle, which means that the grafts have the same shape and size as the openings where they are implanted later. Thanks to this fact, they perfectly fit to the prepared openings. This has an essential impact on healing and esthetic result of the transplant.
More information on the second stage.

Implantation of the grafts into the holes
Third stage

During this final stage, the extracted grafts are being implanted into prepared openings. Grafts are inserted into prepared openings one by one. Handling them is extremely demanding. They must be caught at their ends to minimize the tissue trauma. Also, the direction of their growth must be strictly followed to ensure the resulting effect being as natural as possible. After the implantation of grafts is finished, all recipient area is checked and photographed. The last step is the application of a special solution of plasma and amino acids to accelerate regeneration of the recipient area. More information on the third stage


The period of healing is approximately 4‒7 days. To prevent any possible postoperative complications, the client receives detailed instructions about what to avoid before and after treatment. After treatment you should avoid physical exertion and exposure to excessive sunlight and heat. After a week, the patient is capable of all working and social activities. After two weeks, the patient can do sports. Post-operative checks aren´t necessary, but we are happy when we can evaluate the results together with the client after one, three and six months following the transplantation.

Similar procedure and rules are valid for transplants of eyebrows and eyelashes.