Price list

We care about the fact that our clients know in advance how much they will pay for our services. Therefore, you can find a complete price list of all our treatments, therapies and offered drugs below. Should you think the price is not entirely clear, do not hesitate to contact us ‒ we will prepare a quotation just for you.

  • Consultation
  • GHO-FM Transplant
  • Conservative treatment
  • Supplements
Initial consultation*  
  with the head physician Peter Hajduk, MD. 1 500 CZK
Trichological examination (info) 1 000 CZK
Biochemical examination** 600‒800 CZK
Bioresonance treatment IMAGO Sensitive 530  
  Initial examination  
    with the head physician Peter Hajduk, MD. 2 000 CZK
  Medical check  
    with the head physician Peter Hajduk, MD. 1 500 CZK
  Initial examination 1 500 CZK
  Check  1 200 CZK
Iridodiagnostics 1 500 CZK

Standard duration of a consultation is 30 minutes.
The price depends on the extent of examination.
Pre-op examination 850 CZK
Hair transplant*  
  Price per one graft 96 CZK
  Average number of implanted grafts:  
    receding hair line 300‒800 grafts
    vertex 300‒800 grafts
    transplant into a scar 150‒500 grafts
Eyebrow transplant (info)  
  Transplant of less than 80 grafts (lump sum) 10 000 CZK
  Transplant of more than 81 grafts (price per one graft) 125 CZK
  Average number of implanted grafts 100‒200 grafts
Discounts :**  
  transplant up to 999 grafts 96,- CZK/graft
  transplant of 1000 to 2000 grafts -5 %
  transplant of over 2 001 grafts -7 %
Accommodation during transplant procedure (info) 1 300 CZK/night

* Each transplant comprises the implanting of at least 100 grafts. Total price of a transplant procedure includes medication administered before and during transplantation. All preparations for faster healing of the surgical site are to be paid by the patient himself. For a binding reservation of the surgical procedure, a deposit (advance payment) is required, the amount of which depends on the total price of transplantation.
** Discounts are calculated from the total price of the surgical procedure. Discounts are not cumulative. A client is not automatically entitled to a discount, this fact is always assessed by a specialist.
Consultations with the specialist Mgr. Slávka Hajduková  
  Initial examination 800 CZK 
  Check 600 CZK 
BHRT (info)  
  Initial examination with Peter Hajduk, MD. 1 500 CZK
  Initial blood testing* 4 000‒10 000 CZK
  Treatment – duration of one month (biodentical hormones) 1 500 ‒ 4 000 CZK
Ozone therapy (info)**  
  O3 infusion with NaCl 100 ml 800 CZK
  Intramuscular application of O3 pure gas 200 CZK
  Invasive mesotherapy 1 000 CZK
  Initial consultation 1 000 - 1 500 CZK
  1 therapy*** 3 200 CZK
Invasive mesotherapy  
  Initial consultation 1 000 - 1 500 CZK 
  1 therapy (Revitastem GP/placentary peptides), based on preparation usage 2 300 - 3 500 CZK 
Acupuncture (info)  
  Initial consultation 1 100 CZK
  1 session - Emílie Junková, MD.+ 1 000 CZK
  1 session - Bc. Jakub Peter Slivka+ 700 CZK

* The treatment can be (partly) financially covered by the health insurance.
** To achieve visible effects of the treatment, it is advisable to repeat it 3 to 5 times. Certain type and scheme of your treatment will be recommended by our specialists.
*** To achieve visible effects, it is advisable to undergo 3 to 5 treatments.
+ Total duration of one therapy is 40 min. To achieve visible effects it is necessary to undergo 10 to 12 therapies.
Revitastem ultrafiltrates (info)  
  Revitastem Hair 1 700 CZK
  Revitastem Hair plus 1 700 CZK
  Revitastem Lady hair 1 700 CZK
  Revitastem Before surgery 1 600 CZK
  Revitastem After surgery 1 600 CZK
Colloidal silver (info)  
  15 ml 100 CZK
  30 ml 150 CZK
Renokin (info)  
  shampoo 360 CZK
  conditioner 370 CZK
  serum 1 450 CZK
Dermaheal (info)  
  shampoo 370 CZK
  serum 770 CZK
Mi-roll 880 CZK
Reviva herbal extracts  
50 ml 220 CZK
115 ml 440 CZK

All prices mentioned here already include VAT.


  • by cash
  • by bank transfer
  • by credit or debit card

We do not accept payment by cheques.


All payments by bank transfer must proceed before the examination, surgery or collection of goods itself, in advance and by mutual agreement.


We do not co-operate with any health insurance company. All care is fully covered by the patient himself.