Transplantation of eyebrows

Transplantation of eyebrows and eyelashesEyebrows belong to very important aesthetic elements in the human face. A face with incomplete or entirely without eyebrows seems unusual and attracts unwanted attention. On the other hand, a face with nicely designed, maintained and full eyebrows appears youthful, symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

Eyebrow transplantation by the GHO-FM method

By the method of hair transplantation and transplantation of other hair we are able to deal with a situation which, for various reasons, resulted in the loss of eyebrows. Whether it was an accident, illness or persistent pursuit of its "thin design", the situation can be solved by complementing the existing vegetation by grafts from the scalp or, in indicated cases, by grafts from the body. Our method using a sampling needle with a diameter of 0.55‒0.60 mm is very friendly to both the donor and the recipient areas. It leaves no visible scars and the resulting effect in both the donor and the recipient areas appears very natural.

The optimal number of grafts per one eyebrow is from 70 to 220 grafts. The price of the treatment ranges from about 13 000 to 30 000 CZK depending on the number of grafts. For what seems to be a high price at the first glance, the client gets new and naturally looking eyebrows that will last for the rest of life. Dying, tattooing or other interferences are history. All you need to do once a month is to cut the new eyebrow to prevent it from losing their natural look. The treatment can be performed in one or several sessions, depending on the complexity of the performance or the client's financial possibilities.

What is the course of treatment?

The entire procedure is performed in three stages and lasts, depending on the number of implanted grafts, about 2‒4 hours. The patient is under local anesthesia. In the first stage, the grafts are extracted from a designated area, most often from the back of the head. The skin there is anaesthetized to prevent the client from pain caused by graft extraction. The extraction lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of grafts. The lower the number of grafts, the shorter the procedure.

In the second stage the architecture of openings for new grafts is performed. This part is very important as the new grafts will then copy the position, inclination and openings to which they will be planted, grow exactly and precisely where the openings are made. This stage is also performed under local anesthesia.

In the third stage, the grafts are gradually implanted one by one with special tweezers to already prepared openings. The operating team carefully manipulates with the grafts to prevent their mechanical damage.

The treatment should be followed by a one-week rest, when the patient may perform all social and work activities except for sports, sunbathing and diving. Everything returns to normal after 10 days and 2 weeks after surgery there will be no evidence of the treatment. The only and temporary evidence may be some small grafts jutting from the skin which will fall out to help the new healthy hairs grow some weeks later. The healing can be accelerated by the application of hair ultrafiltrate Revitastem Hair, which is a nutritional supplement in the form of drops specifically developed by our clinic.

Who is not suitable for this transplant?

This method is not suitable for people who suffer from infectious diseases in the eyebrow area, who have suffered a trauma in the area of eyebrows within 9 months before surgery, those who have a fresh eyebrow tattoo fresher than 9 months. In the cases mentioned above, the transplanted grafts could develop an inflamation and needless postoperative complications.


A scar caused the hairloss in eyebrows Resulting look of eyebrows after transplant
A scar caused the hairloss in eyebrows Resulting look of eyebrows after the transplant

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