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MUDr. Emílie JunkováEmílie Junková, MD.
specialist in acupuncture

One of the modern theories of acupuncture claims the presence of an irritation (can be of the chemical, thermal, toxic or psychological origin) in the body causing a disease, the body then reacts to its long-term effect with a realignment of the entire body, especially the autonomic nervous system. One manifestation of these changes is reduced nutrition of the tissues, resulting in a decrease in their strength and durability. A visible manifestation of it may just be the loss of hair, which is not adequately nourished by the organism.

By stimulating the acupuncture points it is possible to restore the original body balance. If you start with acupuncture at the first sign of disease (e.g., appearance of the initial circular site of hair loss), the site can be fully healed and the disease no longer spreads.

To achieve visible and lasting results it is advisable to undergo 10 to 12 sessions within one course. The number of treatments then derives from the degree of damage to the body and stage of disease. One session lasts 40 minutes. As a supportive therapy, crash sets of vitamins are administered approximately three times a year according to precise instructions of the attending physician.

  • Dermatitis seborhoica – greasy hair and the related increased hair loss
  • Defluvium capiticii – hair loss after childbirth, stress and infectious diseases
  • Alopecia areata et maligna – hair loss in circular sites


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