Dietary supplements and daily hair care

One way to improve the quality of your hair and reduce hair loss is regular use of food supplements and special products for everyday hair care. On the basis of an initial consultation and trichologic examination, our specialists will advise you which of the following products prove a suitable solution to your problem. We recommend only those products whose development we participated in or whom we have long-term positive experience with. Prices of individual products can be found in our price list.


  Revitastem Hair supplement
Revitastem ultrafiltrates

We developed a food supplement with an ultrafiltrate base supporting hair growth and regeneration of the body

Colloidal silver
Colloidal silver

Prevention of infection in the donor and recipient areas after hair transplant

Renokin ‒ revitalizační program

Revitalization programme including serum, shampoo and conditioner to support the growth of healthy hair

 Dermaheal vlasová séra a šampon

Hair serum activating the hair follicles and hair strengthening shampoo for stressful periods