We are always happy when our clients stay in touch when leaving
our facility after transplant. Let us share some extracts of thank-you
e-mails and SMS received from satisfied clients.



For a very long time, I haven´t experienced such a friendly and professional approach to the client as I have by the team of PANACEA HAIR CLINIC, who was involved in the hair transplant I have recently undergone there.

I am satisfied not only with the approach of the staff, but also with swift communication which preceded the transplant. Of course, I am very satisfied with the outcome of the hair transplant itself. My hair grows beautifully and two weeks after surgery it already looks very natural.

J. P.


Dear members of the PANACEA HAIR CLINIC team,

it´s been exactly six months since I have undergone a surgery at your clinic. The result of your work, which I can fully enjoy these days, is great. Let me pass this huge compliment to your absolutely professional work.

P. S.

Obrázek Wish you a good day in Prague.

With just a short interval, I want to thank the entire team, with whom I came into contact successively at my Friday's "hair" procedure. Since this has been my second surgery at your clinic, I had no fear and the truth is that this time it was even a little better than years ago.

I didn´t have to take any painkillers even on the first day after surgery. Today is my 6th day after the procedure, the period of normal washing of my hair is slowly approaching and still everything seems to be perfectly fine. This fact makes me happy and feeling good. If, almost all implanted grafts really survive and come to life :-), there is nothing else for me to wish for.

I wish you many more happy clients, not just for hair procedures.

B. H.

Obrázek Dear all,

Thank you for your professionalism and great approach to me during my surgery yesterday. Everything was made to perfection and your high appreciation to the customer was clear. I feel fine after the surgery and once again thank you all very much.

I wish you many happy clients
F. H.

Obrázek Hi,

Thanks for those two days, you were all very nice and cool!

Best regards, M.

Obrázek Grazie a voi tutti, siete meravigliosi.


("Thank you all, you are amazing!" ‒ SMS of thanks from our Italian client)




While still recovering from the surgery which I am sure will produce the expected results, I would like to thank all the staff of the clinic for your professionalism, availability and kindness.


B. L.

Obrázek Hello,

On Friday 17th May (2013) I underwent a surgery ‒ hair transplant at your clinic. I want to thank you for your professional approach and almost motherly care… :-)

Thank you very much!

J. B.




…You guys are the BEST! Give us like customers every attention and all the best care!


Best regards, R.


I must say thank you for your yesterday professional approach and all your effort. Everything was perfectly prepared and I could feel your dedication to me as a client. I feel all right after the surgery and one more time, thank you all!


F. H.