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Renokin revitalization programme

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The composition of the Renokin preparations, which include a serum, a shampoo and a conditioner, were created on the basis of the research of growth factors and biomimetic peptides. They currently belong to the most effective active agents affecting the renewal of hair. Moreover, with the nanocapsule technology, these substances can penetrate the cells of hair follicles and revitalize the hair from the root.

The key to the efficiency of Renokin is in its composition ‒ 10 active ingredients support hair growth, strengthen and activate the hair follicles so that they could produce healthy hair. The preparation also contains vitamins and plant extracts proving the antioxidant and revitalizing effects. Your hair is getting thicker, stronger and is re-gaining its shine.

Using the Renokin products reduces the levels of DHT in your body, which is largely responsible for androgenetic alopecia in men and in approximately 40 % of women. It is therefore suitable for anyone experiencing hair loss, excessive hair fall or those diagnosed with alopecia. Unfortunately, Renokin will not help you if you suffer from a so-called scarring alopecia.

How to use the product:

First, wash your hair with Renokin shampoo and treat it with Renokin conditioner. After drying, apply the serum on the affected scalp and massage gently. You can significantly increase the effect with the use of Mi-Roll roller.

You do not have to wash your hair with the shampoo every day. The application of the serum, however, should be carried out daily at least in the morning. If possible, massage the serum into dry hair also in the evening. Leave the preparation applied for 1‒2 hours. Do not soak your hair during this period.

The effect can be observed after 3‒5 months of use.