Hair problems

Norwood scheme of hair loss in men
Norwood scheme of hair loss in men

Ludwig scheme of hair loss in women
Ludwig scheme of hair loss in women

Even though hair loss associated with age can be regarded as a natural phenomenon, in case it exceeds a threshold of moderate natural hair loss we can already talk about the hair loss disease called alopecia. This disease affects millions of men and women all around the world.

If we intercept hair loss in time, such as in the stage of thinning hair or receding hair line, just a supportive treatment may be adequate. The supportive treatment will be recommended to you following a thorough examination by our expert. This treatment can be recommended alone or in combination with transplantation of your own hair, which we have been specializing in for more than 20 years. If the hair is already at a stage where supportive treatment would have little chance to succeed, then the only possible solution to your problem appears to be a transplantation of your own hair follicles by our highly effective GHO-FM method.

The basis for this gentle, non-scalpel method is the transfer of each individual hair graft by a special needle from areas that are genetically programmed not to subject hair fall. The grafts are transferred to areas where they lack. Thanks to this procedure, the GHO-FM method brings a life-lasting solution to your problems.

Your hair can fall out or become ill not only on the basis of genetic predisposition. Furthermore, its fall out can be caused with the psychological and physical stress, changes in the body due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy or you can lose your hair in injuries, especially burns. The consequences of this defect can also be corrected by using our GHO-FM method.

But you do not have to be bothered just with the hair growth on your head. Almost every second woman suffers from genetically poor eyebrows. The times of permanent tattoo and artificially painted lines are gone. We can very effectively and mainly permanently help with your problem.


The transplant can solve following problems:

  1. receding front hairline
  2. receding hair on temples both in men and women
  3. thinning in the crown (the vertex)
  4. scars after injuries, burns and older types of transplants
  5. loss of eyebrows for different reasons
  6. other hair loss (e.g. facial hair)
1. Receding front hairline
2. Receding hair on temples 3. Thinning in the crown

4. Scars after injuries, burns and older types of transplants 5. Loss of eyebrows

6. Other hair loss (beard, eyelashes)

Can you prevent hair problems?

Yes, you can. The idea that the only and salutary solution of hair loss is their own transplantation, may be wrong. The hair problems can be prevented. But do not get tempted by ads on various miraculous products, creams, lotions or tablets, and certainly not without the previous analysis, which can determine whether the skin on the site is healthy and able to autoregenerate.

If there is a chance to succeed with the supportive products, our experts always recommend quality products that meet all required criteria and certificates and which they unconditionally trust.