Methods of solution: BHRT

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Mgr. Barbora KniezkováMgr. Barbora Kniezková
consultant and therapist of bioidentical hormonal therapy
Peter Hajduk, MD.Peter Hajduk, MD.
chief physician
Mgr. Slávka Hajduková Mgr. Slávka Hajduková
conservative treatment specialist

One of the triggering factors for hair loss can be hormonal changes in the body due to age, but also inappropriate lifestyle (lack of nutritious diet, stress).

Androgenetic alopecia is then caused by changing levels of sex hormones which affect both men (change in testosterone) and women (change in levels of progesterone and thyroid hormones). The body starts to compensate the declining levels of testosterone by its conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone conversion is resulting in the damage and gradual extinction of hair roots.

The focus of our comprehensive bioidentical hormone regenerative therapy (BHRT) is therefore not just the hair loss itself, but its cause ‒ hormone imbalance and lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body. Our specialists will help your body to re-start an overall hormonal regeneration and establish a nutritional balance. Only this way it is possible to protect your hair follicles from the negative effects of DHT.





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