Methods of solution: Ozone therapy

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The high success rate of treatment, good tolerability, no side effects and low economic demands. These are the highest added values of Ozone therapy, which is currently experiencing a boom in the field of alternative treatment.

The first news reporting beneficial effects of the ozone on the human body date from the beginning of the last century. However, Ozone therapy has reached a more significant use in recent years, as it has become a progressive way of destruction of cellular stress and a complementary method to conventional treatments.

Ozone therapy:
  • promotes blood circulation in all tissues
  • by the activation of erytrocytes acts to improve the flow characteristics and oxygen transport in tissues
  • supports treatment of autoimmune disorders and allergies
  • its energetic effect corrects the conditions of physical and mental exhaustion
  • activates the enzymatic antioxidants and free radical scavengers, which affect slow-down of the aging process

How do these effects contribute to the restoration of hair growth? After application of ozone, an increased perfusion of tissue including hair follicles appears. Hair follicles thus get more oxygen and nutrients for their metabolism. The disintegration process of molecules of ozone O3 to diatomic oxygen O2 molecules inside the body releases extra energy which can be utilized by cells. Their better nutrition and more energy then lead to the growth of healthy and strong hair.


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