Methods of solution:

Hair section scheme

There are multiple methods of solving the problem of hair loss. From a conservative treatment using a number of high quality preparations, methods of alternative medicine to the hair transplant itself. However, none of the methods would be effective without detailed knowledge of the quality of your hair. To be able to choose an optimal method of treatment or a solution to your problem, it is necessary to perform a thorough trichologic examination of your hair. Therefore, consider the following overview of single methods of treatment only as a list of procedures which could be offered to you by our specialist after consultation.


#1 Body restart

Conventional medicine is still struggling with its limits, which in many cases only treat symptoms of the disease, but not the cause itself. Classic allopathic medicine often neglects the care of maintaining overall good health condition of the body. But our clinic is looking for alternative treatments that use the power of natural ingredients and self-healing abilities of the human body.


Bioidentical hormone restorative therapy, or BHRT for short, is trying to suppress the hair loss through balancing the altered levels of hormones in the body. Hormonal imbalance actually causes the production of agents that damage the hair follicles with their chemical composition. You can prevent the action of these substances on the hair roots through restoration of proper hormone levels and supplementation of essential vitamins and minerals. More information about BHRT

Bach flower therapy

One of the most common reasons for the problem of hair loss is bad stress management, internal disturbances and imbalances. Bach flower therapy is one of the natural and safe methods of how to cope with this unfavorable state of the organism. Flower essences of certain plants help to harmonize emotional state and bring relief. Properly chosen Bach flower essences can help to overcome negative emotions and restore inner balance of the body. After stabilizing the emotional state, the patient´s problem subsequently disappears, no matter whether it be hair loss or other reason that may cause this hair fall.

This method is closely related to the need to establish a healthy lifestyle and build a nutritionally balanced diet, which are the prerequisites for successful treatment. Mgr. Slávka Hajduková, our expert on conservative treatment will help you with overcoming the wrong eating habits and establishing the necessary changes in your daily rutines.

Ozone therapy

You can also take advantage of the healing effects of ozone to regenerate your hair follicles. Although doctors have known its positive effects on the human organism for a long time, the boom of ozone therapy has started only recently. This is namely due to its good tolerability and absence of side effects. The ozone provides your hair roots with the energy needed for their recovery and subsequent growth of healthy hair. More information about Ozone therapy

Treating alopecia with acupuncture
Acupuncture treatment of alopecia

Plasma therapy

To support the growth of your hair, we do not necessarily have to produce ozone molecules. The fact is we literally only need your own resources. From 10 ml of your blood we are able to separate the plasma, which is rich in platelets. These platelets, together with a special activator, form efficient "regenerative cocktail", which is then injected into the dermis to the hair roots. The advantages of plasma therapy comprise the fact that this method uses your own blood. Unlike artificially prepared nutritive chemicals, the plasma is accepted with the body without any allergic reactions.


Another current trend in medical procedures is the re-discovering of Eastern medicine. A member of our team of experts, Emílie Junková MD., is a dermatologist who has more than thirty years´ experience of dealing with the treatment of alopecia by acupuncture. Stimulation of acupuncture points helps to restore the original balance of the body, which was disrupted by stress, aggressive chemical treatment or other type of irritation. The elimination of this source of irritation then leads to restore correct activity of the follicles. More information about acupuncture


#2 Supportive preparations

Hand in hand with all the special methods of regenerative medicine goes the daily care of the hair and scalp. Conventional preparations for hair washing, which are available in drug stores, often contain toxic compounds that can cause the irritation of the scalp, and thus become the originator of your hair problems. Therefore, the team PANACEA HAIR CLINIC has long been preferring products utilizing the power of effective herbal extracts. We actively participate of the production of many preparations ourselves, so that we can guarantee not only their efficiency but also safety. Find a complete list of products for everyday hair care and also supplements to support hair growth in the section – Preparations.


#3 GHO-FM method

In case our doctors find, based on the examination results of the quality of hair growth, that the above mentioned methods and products cannot meet the expectations of the patient, we come up to the application of the GHO-FM transplantation method, which guarantees a permanent solution. Successful treatment is also possible in totally bald sites, such as scars.