The course of transplantation

3rd stage ‒ The implantation of grafts

Final stage of the transplant is not preceded with anesthesia ‒ thanks to the still-acting anesthetic applied before perforation, planting grafts can continuously follow. Grafts are inserted into prepared openings one by one. This part of the procedure is usually faster than extraction of the grafts in the first phase.

After we have finished entering all grafts are checked and the reception area is applied to the solution developed by us and plasma amino acids to accelerate regeneration. The patient is then taken to the room to rest.

Our patients are usually surprised that we do not cover the recipient area with any dressing. No dressing is used, it is not necessary. We recommend leave your head without cover for at least 24 hours after surgery. You can wear a hard cap with a brim (baseball cap type) as loosely as possible. In any case, a wool or adhesive cap shouldn´t be worn as the grafts could be pulled out or the cap could cause minor bleeding. Patients will receive more details in postoperative information. Along with the postoperative information, the patient gets the recipe for antibiotics in ointments and tablets which have to be necessarily taken for five days to avoid possible infection from the external environment.

In case the patient feels fine, after another 10 to 15 minutes they can slowly dress up and, accompanied by a receptionist, pick up their car in the garage and leave or have themselves driven off anywhere needed in Prague. If the patient decides to stay another day, no problem, you just have to arrange with our receptionist. If possible, the client is recommended to leave the clinic one day after the surgery but it's up to you and your arrangements with the reception.

If possible, the client should ideally undergo a biostimulation laser treatment the day after surgery. It accelerates healing and prevents inflammation.


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